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Sorry For the Problems

Sorry for the downtime tonight.  I changed the server plans so that the site wasn’t so slow to load, and well lets just say that the site needed settings changed to work (the actual issues and fixes no one but me would get).  Anyway it works again!

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Club Members

All club members should register.  This will allow you to post pictures, and other stuff.  If you need help let me know!

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Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

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Welcome to the World of Blogging!

Okay, so now that I have some time on my hands we are gonna attempt to update this site.  This is a WordPress site, what does that mean to you?  Well its gonna allow conversations and posting of stuff for sale, new pictures, etc etc.  It will allow you to have some control over what is going on with the ite and club.  I am learning this as I go so we will see how it goes from here.

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