Mark Kohler

Name: Mark Kohler
Location: New Freedom PA
Current Vehicles:

  • ’97 30th Anniversary Camaro
  • ’69 Camaro RS

Current Projects:

  • ’58 Suburban


My venture into cars in 1984 with the purchase of my first Camaro, a 1969 Rally Sport. Since that time, I’ve owned seven different Camaro but currently I am down to two; the 1969 and a 1997 30th Anniversary one. In 1989 i purchased a 1955 Chevy panel truck. With ALOT of help from friends, a Camaro subframe was grafted into it. In 2007, I purchased my most recent project, a 1958 Suburban. It patiently waits its turn to be restored, hoping one day to again carry another family around town!

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